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Video Discs & USB flash drives

Blu-ray Hi-Def disc(s) are included with all packages

We've discontinued standard DVDs many years ago, but they are still available by request. Video on USB drives, instead of discs, are also available.

For more HD details please check the High Definition page at this website.
Keep in mind that Blu-ray High-Definition discs will only play in Blu-ray disc players, standard DVD discs will play in both standard DVD players and in Blu-ray players.
Video on USB drives...available for clients who prefer not to use discs or view all their media on home computers, laptops or tablets. Please check the USB page at this website.

Be aware...Our experience shows that low cost, excessively thin and odd brand name discs (mostly manufactured in the Far East outside Japan) are questionable and may not last more than a few months.
We use the most costly top brand name double-layered type Japanese made discs.

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