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Questions & Answers

Brief answers to frequently asked question. Please phone or email for further details.
Briefly, what are the main differences when booking you compared with others?
1- Experience, in business longer than any GTA event Videographer. Josh does the camerawork & editing personally
2- Genuine care & finer workmanship, careful & risk-free camerawork, finer more pleasing editing work
3- Best HD TV camera for event videography, truly incredible Hi-Def images, even in low light, surpassing all competitors
4- Best lens in the trade, a super-wide panoramic zoom lens that sees 50% more compared with average lenses, without the usual distortion
5- Wire-free, no wires anywhere, no need for unsightly wiring & gaffer tape, a cleaner production makes a big difference
6- Promises kept, clients always get more than expected, excellent workmanship at very fair pricing

We're former clients from way back, what's changed since last time?
1- Technology has significantly evolved, tape is no longer used, editing is fully computerized, incredible Hi-Def is now dominant
2- Josh's latest camera is much more sensitive to light, wireless lighting has been drastically reduced & images are the best ever
3- The new wide angle zoom lens sees twice as much image as in the past, the new look along with widescreen is amazing
4- Shooting style, safety, image stability, techniques & effects have also evolved & become more eye pleasing and hi-tech
5- Value for the money is now the best ever, but many clients have been conditioned to look for lower & lower pricing ignoring quality
6- Dozens of newbies have entered the trade, most offer low-end services at artificially low pricing, attracting many first-time clients
7- Josh's commitment to finer workmanship, careful editing work and a premium final product has been sustained thru the years

How long have you been recording family events full time? Do you concentrate more on corporate or family event video?
I've recorded and edited over 4000 family events since 1979. This is a full time profession. My main focus is on family event work.

Do you personally do the camerawork and editing or do you subcontract all the work? Do you use “junior editors”?
I personally do the camerawork & all the editing work. There's no assembly-line or outsourced editing here, no short cuts & no cutting corners.

Since you’ve been in this trade for such a long time, are your techniques and equipment old?
I’ve kept up with the latest trends, techniques and equipment beyond anyone in our trade!
A new hi-end edit system arrived recently. Everything is fresh & new.

We've seen you at many Orthodox weddings, is this your specialty now?
Orthodox weddings have always been one of my specialties. Due to the fact that Orthodox families are larger than average,
the Orthodox video business has been very active for years and I'm part of a team that shoots large elaborate weddings, but this is not yet the majority of my business.

Do you use home cameras, DSLRs, cinema cameras, or TV type cameras?
I've tested them all & found genuine television type cameras to be best. I'm aware that most competitors have switched to small DSLR type cameras.
I use Sony’s full size High Definition XDCAM-HD solid-state-memory TV camera with a super-wide zoom panoramic lens.
The camera uses three imagers instead of one for better colour & light sensitivity, smaller DSLR cameras & mirrorless cameras use one imager.
Sony's full size TV cameras far surpass the quality and performance of all the latest smaller DSLR & mirrorless type cameras.
Most in the trade have switched to small cameras; such cameras are not as reliable nor as suitable for professional work compared with TV cameras.
The differences between cameras shows very clearly when viewing on large Hi-Def TVs.

What are the advantages of your new solid state (no moving parts) memory camera over conventional tape cameras?
RELIABILITY & SAFETY…Compared with old flimsy tape, professional grade memory cards are not vulnerable to any of the old tape hazards.
Professional Memory cards create no friction, wear is eliminated therefore chances of malfunction are greatly reduced. Accidental erasure is eliminated.
Time capacity using the latest cards is exceptionally long, and the camera loads two cards, once one is full the second takes over.
AUDIO CONTROL FLEXIBILITY DOUBLED…Instead of the standard 2 audio channels, the latest camera records unto 4 separate audio channels,
this results in far greater control of audio and improves listening enjoyment. One example: a huge improvement in stereo separation,
all audio will now be in true stereo instead of mostly mono as with the great majority of competitors.
SUPERIOR LOW LIGHT PERFORMANCE...3 imagers offer better colour and incredible grain-free image quality & far greater light sensitivity reducing the need for bright lighting.
Camera light sensitivity is now equal to our eyes!

Although capturing events on video is routine for us, we know very well how important & personal your special event is.
We know how much work you’ve done during the months of planning and decision making. We understand how important it is for you,
and for your immediate family, to capture all the results of your hard work and make it all come to life through our video.
This is why we use higher end and very costly equipment.

Do you use DSLR cameras for video?
Never as the primary camera. DSLR cameras are designed for still photography, although many now have video features they are far too risky and have video technical issues for long term and critical shooting. I use a DSLR for some secondary camera shooting and for "cinema" style work that can be done before the main events begin.

What's the "Red camera" & similar "cinema" cameras all about?
These are limited use modular (made up of changeable components) type camera systems used by movie & TV commercial producers. Although they can be purchased in various configurations these are certainly not appropriate cameras for event video work as most are not portable & require a tripod & various rigging for mostly static type video. The newest full-sized Sony cameras are much more suited to our work as they adapt to all situations rapidly & end up with superb results. "Cinema type" cameras are much slower at adapting therefore it's common to miss recording important events and end up with countless disappointments.

During the shooting of our event will you be keeping the banquet hall clean & uncluttered or will there be a large quantity of equipment, wiring, tripods, stands and assistants present?
I keep things very clean, probably the cleanest in our trade. Josh's shoots are now 100% wireless, there are no cords in use.

Do you use a tripod? Are you mobile, do you attempt to shoot from various heights, angles & locations?
A hi-tech pneumatic $15,000. tripod (aka Pedestal) is used for all speeches and scenes that require extra height. This pedestal is super smooth especially when raising & lowering the camera. No one in our trade uses such a pedestal. I'm very mobile and unique angles & positions are always considered.

How fast will our video be ready? How early should we book? What’s the booking deposit? How do we book?
I strive to edit every production shortly after the event date, often within two weeks, while it’s fresh in my mind. It's never too early to book, once you've firmed up a date & venue start booking all your services. Many clients book video far too late. Booking deposit is $500. Booking can be done in person or electronically by email & phone. Meetings and sample viewing are welcomed on weekdays.

Are discs included?
Blu-ray discs and/or video on USB are included with all packages. Check our disc info page or the Hi-Def info page at this website.

Do you know that there are cheaper videographers out there?
Others charge according to whatever they feel their product is worth, I do the same. My product is certainly a premium product and surpasses what is available in this market. Be aware that many lower cost event videographers are now using risky small & still-cameras with limited video features to record events that require professional equipment. Check pricing carefully, comparing only dollar figures is misleading.

Some videographers are far more expensive then you are…what’s the difference?
Expenses such as:  high rents/leases, multiple cameramen, large staff, fancy showrooms, costly salespeople, extensive advertising and leasing costs of pricy production equipment will of-course raise cost. Such unnecessary costs can easily add 50% to 200% above our prices. Excessively expensive video services offer no added advantage or value especially when too many cameramen are involved. We’ve trimmed all expenses that do not relate to the quality of the final product.

We will be very nervous during our wedding ceremony. Instead of a video cameraman standing nearby aiming a video camera at us, is it possible to have an unmanned small camera recording the ceremony instead?
Yes it is possible, a small unmanned camera is available for either close views or for wide panoramic distant views during ceremonies.

Do you record full length speeches? Do you offer short length videos at reduced pricing?
Yes we record all speeches and we do not cut any, unless requested. Presently we do not promote short length videos, too many important & memorable moments are missed by those promoting such videos. Our short version is usually at the ending in the form of a recap (AKA flashback, retrospective, highlights).

We dislike guest table views, can they be cancelled?
Yes, guest table recording may be cancelled.

We dislike complex special effects, can they be toned down?
Yes, effects are never over-done but please make requests before the editing process begins.

We don’t really need editing work, can we save by booking an unedited service?
Every event video requires some type of editing work, no one in our trade can produce a professional video without proper editing!
We do not promote unedited services. Be aware that there are low-end video services who encourage & lure clients to book low cost unedited services knowing that future editing will be required and at that stage the cost of editing will rise substantially. 
There are about 4 forms of editing work in our trade:
1)  In-camera editing...very inaccurate editing during the shoot as the cameraman rolls back & tries to delete unwanted material
2)  Basic clean-up editing…low cost, inaccurate, not very time consuming but looks better than an unedited service. 
3)  Editing with basic effects & transitions…the most common in our trade, a cleaner looking edit with some basic special effects.  
4) Full production style editing…much more time consuming & costly, much finer & detailed creative workmanship with the latest equipment, techniques & effects.                         
Our specialty is number 4.

Video recording of our wedding is really not important to us; we’re going with video only to satisfy our parents. Can you create a very basic & low cost video for us?
Time, expertise, higher-end equipment and risk taking all have price tags attached these days. A great video increases in value as time passes. If video is not an important part of your plans we suggest hiring a student from a high school’s audio/visual dept.

How long are your videos?
My videos are usually long partly because I shoot lots & partly because I find most clients want as much footage as possible, but final length does vary. Although 2-3 hours is my average this greatly depends on the quantity & length of speeches, the guests’ partying mood and of course clients' decisions regarding length. There is no skimping on shooting but I’m quite aware that excessive dancing etc. can get boring.

What's "same day edit" all about
It simply describes a short video (similar to a recap) shot during the wedding day, rapidly edited on location and shown to the reception guests on a large screen during the evening's festivities. It's a fad started many years ago in the U.S.  Although some clients get turned on by such a production, most guests see it as a "show off" type video that gets frowned upon as many guests simply turn away or play with their smartphones. The cost of such a production is high mostly due to the additional shooting required before the main event, the extra staff required to do a rush edit and the projecting equipment required.

Why do some Videographers claim they are "Cinematographers"?
It's simply a marketing ploy. Real Cinematographers deal with major Hollywood type movies, they don't bother with family event video.

Are you able to do some light "cinema" style shooting & editing before the MAIN event?
Yes I have the experience & new compact equipment to do such work and we also have contact with people who specialize only in such work.

We've seen some corny wedding videos where the romance looks far too choreographed and cheesy with couples reading love letters to each other along with the fake tears flowing. Are you into that?
Certainly not, we avoid staging events that did not take place naturally. We carefully record exactly what takes place at a wedding and always aim to make the video look like a happy & cheerful event has taken place. We're able to mildly turn up the corn if requested.

Our aging party planner tells us you use extra lighting to achieve the best quality and has referred us to another Videographer who uses less lighting. Are her facts correct?
Her facts are way off and date back to about 20 years ago. The other Videographer will not light any less! It’s probably time to take a closer look at all her other advice & opinions. 

Why do some Videographers claim they do not require lighting?
Competitors will always make claims that win them business, pitching “no lighting” has won many sales for less-qualified Videographers. My latest camera can out perform any video camera under any lighting conditions. Those who promise no lighting are known to light up as usual during their shoots; at that stage it’s too late to change Videographers! Those that use no added lighting are in a low-end class of their own.

What have you done to minimize the effects of lighting at our event?
The use of a new super-light-sensitive camera assures no annoying added lighting. Your Band/DJ’s specialty coloured lighting will not be washed out. I am able to shoot with no added lighting and my images will be far better than those produced by all lower-end budget cameras. Battery operated lights are only turned on when required. We will not overwhelm you with bright lighting, being battery powered our lights are the low intensity type.

We'll be quite tense on our wedding day, we would like some free space, is it possible to keep the video camera further back from us especially during our ceremony & bridal dance?  Are you able to work without a glaring light on top of the camera, we find them the most blinding?
Keeping further back is no problem. Some clients tense up more than they've expected while others are able to relax more as the celebration progresses, I'm always prepared to make necessary changes. Although there is a mini battery-operated 25-watt back-up light on top of the camera, it is not powerful & not in constant use.  
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