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Tribute Videos

Still-Photo & video projected Video Presentations

A popular form of entertainment during Bar/Bat-Mitzvah celebrations, bridal showers, engagement parties, weddings, roasts, fund raising events, anniversaries and birthday parties. The most impact, especially for large audiences, can be achieved by using a video projector and a large screen. The presentation can be enhanced with your choice of music and may be played through a band's or D.J.'s audio system. Narration and home videos may also be added. Produced using our Avid HD editing system instead of average "slide show" software included with most computers; the picture quality and variety of smoother and higher-tech special effects are way beyond home made presentations. Our editing system is stuffed with a large variety of up-to-date specialized software because one program cannot do it all; there are hundreds of backgrounds, dozens of overlays, thousands of transitions, hundreds of unique animations, 1500 titling fonts, dozens of fireworks animations, sparkles, stars, sound effects, etc. etc. and a wealth of experience to put it all together!

Package #1
A less sophisticated version at a new very affordable price! High quality images including various simpler effects as transitions plus added music. 
Great for "looping videos". At this low price you’ll need to do some homework…
▪Choose & place your photos in order  ▪You will be cropping & doing required fix ups  ▪Digital photos only, emailed or on a USB
▪Older prints will be scanned by you, scanning & fix ups by us will be an additional $2. per photo.
   $2. per photo

Package #2
A sophisticated, up-to-date, customized version. Includes an introduction with titles, photos (older prints and/or digital) with fantastic special effects and carefully chosen techniques, backgrounds and transitions plus your choice of music. Photo fix-ups & touch-ups included.     
$10. per photo for the first 100 photos, $5. each for extras
If you must spend less we are able to reduce the sophistication of this package. The following extras are  available: Narration ▪Added text ▪Addition of home video clips ▪Customizing is available and your input is welcomed
-we do not offer a projecting service, please check with your DJ or we can recommend a projecting service-
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