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Video on USB

Your video is also available on USB drives

in addition to Blu-ray or DVD discs


What's a USB drive?
A small data storage device also known as a "USB key, thumb drive, USB stick, flash drive".
It plugs into a USB port readily found on all up-to-date computers, tablets, Blu-ray disc players & new HD TVs.

Why video on USB drives instead of on discs?
Video on USBs is for clients
1) do not own TVs nor DVD/Blu-ray disc players
2) prefer not to purchasing new Blu-ray players for viewing HD video
3) prefer to enjoy all their media using home computers or tablets
4) send video & audio from their computer to their HD TV via "Bluetooth"
5) own low-end or older Blu-ray players that cannot play recordable Blu-ray discs properly

How do we play our USB video?
When viewing via a computer or tablet, simply plug the USB drive into a USB port, open the file & press the play key on the computer's keyboard or use a mouse or a laptop touch pad. When viewing on many new HD TVs, simply plug the USB drive into the TV's USB port (located at the front) and use your TV's remote control to activate play. Most Blu-ray players also have USB ports.
Will we see any difference in our video on a USB compared with disc?
Generally there will be no difference in visual quality. We've found that using older slower computers may occasionally momentarily freeze USB video. USB video on an Apple/Mac may require the free VLC media player downloadable at...

Any difference in cost with video on a USB drive instead of discs?
We've kept prices very reasonable...
$35. per 32gb USB (for programs up to approx. 2.5 hours) or $70. per 64gb USB (for programs up to approx. 4 hours).

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